Lando Norris 2024 F1 Full-Size 1:1 Replica Helmet

This design is a fresh take on his classic standard helmet. Lando wanted to create something completely new which didn't look as every other helmet., so all sides and angles of this helmet are different. 

Racing is all about movement and like Lando´s move on track, they're silky smooth and always different, as so is every blob on this design.

Many details are on this design, there is a little Lando  built into the side, there is a Lando's 4 on top, Lando's LN logo on both sides and aroung any blob is a green drop shadow which highlights Lando{s classic fluro colour.

This product also comes with a Free Helmet bag backpack, with a zipped side pocket.

Ready for dispatch in: 3-5 weeks.

✓ Worldwide Tracked Free Shipping.

  • $1,400.00
  • $1,500.00

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