Our Process

Our Process

In Art of Helmets  we want our clients to have their unique and customized helmet. We work with them so as to get a product that represents the personality of its owner. We are constantly working for improvements, new ideas and innovation. We will turn your concept into reality.

To create an order you will have to determine which package you will love from us, then please follow the steps & process.


Package 1: Helmet Custom Design 3D Rendered Images.

Package 2: Helmet Custom Design 3D Rendered Images + 360° Video.

Package 3: Helmet Custom Design 3D Rendered Images + 360° Video + IG Reel.

Package 4: Helmet Custom Design 3D Rendered Images + 360° Video + IG Reel + Paint Job.

Do you have a helmet already, or will you be purchasing one from us? 


Step 1: Defining your needs.

Please fill out the form below with your contact info. Provide all the information-images about the idea you have. (Helmet Model, colors, drawings, design Style, references, finishes and more).


Step 2: Logos and files.

Provide Name, Logos and Brands ( all with placement) to be included on Design.


Step 3: Sketches.

Once all info is received, our design artists will spend 2-3 weeks creating initial illustration-drawn sketches of the helmet design. We will provide you with 3 different sketches to choose from. The client must select one sketch to proceed to the final design. The sketches will focus on capturing the overall shapes, features and aesthetic elements of the helmet, translating the conceptual ideas into visual representations for further development in the digital rendering phase.


Step 4: Modifications.

You will have 3 stages for the correction process. After the third one, any further correction will be charged per hour. During this process you and the artist can work together to get the expected result.


Step 5: Renders and presentations

Once the design it’s confirmed by the client, we will provide you:

* (10) High Quality 3D rendered Final Images Presentation.

* Design file for painting (.ai, .svg, .pdf, .cdr).

* High Quality 3D Rendered 360° Video. (Package 2).

* High Quality 3D Rendered Instagram Reel. (Package 3).


Step 6: Paint Job. (Package 4).

At this moment, you will have 3 options regarding the helmet´s choice. You can either send us your helmet, you can let us buy an original one for you or purchase a replica helmet from our stock. 

During all the process you will be receiving via email photos with the progress status of your helmet. Production time estimate is 3-4 months. 


Step 7: Shipping (Package 4).

We provide Worldwide Tracked Free shipping via DHL Express Service. The client is responsible for all taxes and any import duties.

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