Ayrton Senna 1985 Art Framed Print

We present our exclusive painting inspired by Ayrton Senna's iconic car, model year 1985. This painting is an authentic work of art that captures the essence and passion of one of the most legendary drivers in the history of Formula 1. To highlight the elegance and sophistication of this historic car, we have used a black background in our design.

This black background creates an enveloping and sophisticated atmosphere, allowing Ayrton Senna's car to shine in all its splendor. Every detail of the frame has been carefully thought out to highlight the imposing and dominant presence of the vehicle.


* Measurements made in proportion to the size of the collection piece: 30cm x 40cm.

* The frame, handcrafted from premium black wood, enhances the beauty and elegance of the painting, satisfying even the most demanding art connoisseurs.

* The protection of the contents of the painting is guaranteed with 2mm crystal glass, which provides crystalline transparency and long-lasting preservation of every detail.

* The 12-ink Fine Art photographic print is the result of a high-precision printing technique, which faithfully captures colors and textures, giving exceptional quality and sharpness to each image.

* The work stands out for the quality of the paper used, being 360g textured cotton.

* As an added touch of exclusivity, this product includes a 1:43 scale F1 collector car, which perfectly complements the theme of the painting and provides a three-dimensional collector's item to admire.

    Ready for dispatch in: 1-2 weeks.

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    ✓ Limited Edition

    • $385.00