Carlos Sainz 2023 F1 Full-Size 1:1 Replica Helmet

The Madrilenian wears a new design on his arrival at the Scuderia, but he does not renounce his hallmarks.

The most visible is the prominence of the flag of Spain. The red and yellow colors gain more space in this new design compared to the previous one, and they occupy a good part of the back. In that area, almost on the nape, a star with a lot of significance for Sainz appears again: the symbol of María de Villota.
The Madrid native and the deceased pilot shared a good friendship, and the loss of him in 2013, when he was still in the lower categories, was a hard blow. Since then, he has always worn the star of the Legacy of Mary.
The upper area is occupied practically in its entirety with the number 55, in red on a black background, which stands out more, but with a special guest: a chili. Sainz's sense of humor, acidic and spicy at times, earned him the nickname 'Chili' among his friends and has taken him to Formula 1.

This product also comes with a Free Helmet bag backpack, with a zipped side pocket.

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