Michael Schumcher 2000 Art Custom Full-Size 1:1 Replica Helmet by Montesano.

This Michael Schumacher helmet, artfully painted by the acclaimed Daniela Montesano, is a stunning fusion of the legendary German driver’s iconic imagery with Montesano’s unique artistic flair. Featuring a vivid color scheme and meticulous detailing, the piece encapsulates Schumacher’s spirit and the artist’s ingenuity. Perfect for collectors and motorsport aficionados, this helmet is a tribute to Michael Schumacher’s unparalleled speed, skill, and enduring legacy.


The helmets are not only a unique piece of unrepeatable art. They are handmade painted with a brush, entirely artisanal, using professional acrylic paint and lacquered for a professional and elegant finish.

It has the particularity of glowing when exposed to blue or black light. The paint includes neon and glow elements strategically applied to create this effect in certain areas.


This product also comes with a Free Helmet bag backpack, with a zipped side pocket.

Limed Edition. 

✓  Product Ready to Dispatch.

Acrylic Handmade.

 All our parts have a certificate of authenticity from the Artist & Art of Helmets.

✓ Worldwide Tracked Free Shipping. 



  • $2,200.00

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