Mick Schumacher 2022 F1 Full-Size 1:1 Replica Helmet

Ferrari Driver Academy member Mick Schumacher has paid tribute to his seven-time Formula One world champion father Michael with a new and special helmet design which he will be using in the 2022 F1 campaign.

The young German driver’s new lid will include a chinese dragon on it, a symbol worn by his father during his amazing Formula One career.

The dragon was initially linked to the famed Schumacher name, after a Chinese newspaper printed it as a symbol for the seven-time world champion during his racing days. The symbol – that represents both power and strength – will therefore return to the track in 2022, now thanks to Michael’s son, who is ready for his second Formula 1 championship after making his debut last year.


This product also comes with a Free Helmet bag backpack, with a zipped side pocket.

Ready for dispatch in: 3-5 weeks.

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