Nigel Mansell 1993 Indy Car Full-Size 1:1 Replica Helmet

The 1993 PPG Indy Car World Series season was the 15th national championship season of American open wheel racing sanctioned by CART under the name "IndyCar". The season consisted of 16 races. Nigel Mansell was the national champion as well as the Rookie of the Year.

Mansell raced with a blue helmet with two red and white arrows on each side forming on the front a drawing resembling the Union Flag with the upper angles of the arrows united by a red and white 'U' with the white chin area, when he entered Williams, a blue ring was added on the white part of the helmet. His sons Leo and Greg inherited his helmet design, but Leo's helmet has the red chin area and the white part that envelops the visor (not counting the top) is red with white outline, while Greg's helmet has the blue chin area and the white area that envelopes the visor is blue with white outline.

This product also comes with a Free Helmet bag backpack, with a zipped side pocket.

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