Fernando Alonso Reveals Striking Japanese-Inspired Helmet - "Incredible"

Aston Martin driver will be unveiling his Samurai-inspired helmet at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka this weekend as a tribute to the Samurai warriors from ancient Japan.

The Spaniard is known to have a soft spot for Japan's ancient warriors and the Samurai culture. Consequently, he also has a tattoo of a Samurai warrior on his upper back, which reminds him of the strength he possesses. 

The new design of the helmet looks rather classy in white with red and black highlights from the Japanese flag. It also sports a Samurai warrior image at the back, the same as the one on Alonso's tattoo, along with graphics of Japan's landmarks placed around the helmet. 

Alonso has been popular for wearing helmets which are designed as per the theme of the host country. However, after a disappointing Grand Prix in Singapore last weekend at the Marina Bay circuit that saw him finish 15th, it looks like the 42-year-old racer would need the backing of all that Samurai power to up his pace this weekend in Suzuka.